PhD Curriculum & Instruction

About PhD Curriculum & Instruction

Ph.D Programme in Curriculum and Instruction is to give the students advanced knowledge in the practice and philosophy of curriculum design, development and evaluation in general and in relation to a school related subject. Holders of this degree should be able to give guidance and leadership role in identifying, defining research concepts, take initiative in conducting research as well as equipping others to do so.


The students admitted into a Ph.D degree programme in Curriculum and Instruction should be able to:
1. Conduct advanced scholarly research in the field of curriculum and instruction;
2. Apply an intensive knowledge of curriculum and instruction to teach any school related subject at a tertiary institution;
3. Approach curriculum development across educational levels from intra and inter-disciplinary perspectives of scientific, psychological, philosophical, historical and sociological dimensions;
4. Proffer realistic solutions to nagging curricular socio-economic, technological, political issues;

Admission Requirements:

The following shall be eligible to seek admission and registration for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Curriculum and Instruction:

1. Candidates who hold masters degrees in related field from Ahmadu Bello University.
2. Candidates of other recognized universities who hold higher degrees considered by the Faculty Board, Postgraduate School Board, and Senate to be equivalent to (a) above.
3. Candidates with other qualifications which, together with relevant experience, are deemed to be equivalent
4. Ability to pass qualifying examination designed by the educational administration and planning section.
5. Candidates must also meet the requirements of all other relevant general university registrations governing Higher degree studies.