PhD Educational Administration & Planning

About PhD Educational Administration & Planning

The PhD programme is designed to provide a course of study for candidates pursuing an academic career and who will be teaching and conducting research in the area of educational administration and planning. Successful candidates will be expected to accomplish the following as measured by continuous assessment, written or oral examinations, and thesis evaluation.

1. Master advanced, specialized theoretical and conceptual methods, methodologies of educational administration and educational planning and their application.
2. Write an acceptable dissertation, which demonstrates original research and appropriate research methodology.

Admission Requirements:

The following shall be eligible to seek admission and registration for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Administration and Planning:

1. Candidates who hold masters degrees in related field from Ahmadu Bello University.
2. Candidates of other recognized universities who hold higher degrees considered by the Faculty Board, Postgraduate School Board, and Senate to be equivalent to (a) above.
3. Candidates with other qualifications which, together with relevant experience, are deemed to be equivalent
4. Ability to pass qualifying examination designed by the educational administration and planning section.
5. Candidates must also meet the requirements of all other relevant general university registrations governing Higher degree studies.