M.Ed Educational Technology

About M.Ed Educational Technology

The traditional method of teaching is gradually giving way to new innovations and techniques whereby the teacher present lessons alongside different forms of media, materials and equipment. There is therefore the need to produce teachers that are competent both in the operation, maintenance as well as production of these media. This programme attempts to train teachers in those areas for better delivery using suitable methodologies.

Aim of the Programme:

The M. Ed Educational Technology degree programme is aimed at producing, upgrading and updating the competencies and skills of candidates as well as meeting the requirements of the National policy on Education in terms of teacher Education.

Objectives of the Programme:

The following are the specific objectives of the programme:

1. To provide teachers with intellectual as well as professional backgrounds adequate for the tasks and assignment in a technologically changing environment.
2. To meet the high demand for qualified and professionally trained teachers in the technology of teaching and learning in various subjects.

Admission Requirements:

The following shall qualify for admission into the Master of Education degree programme in Educational Technology:

1. Graduates of the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria or other recognized institutions who have obtained a B. Ed, B. A. Ed, B. Sc Ed or degrees of not less than Second Class lower.
2. Candidates who hold qualifications other than the one' listed above, which are acceptable to the Board of Postgraduate School and Senate of the University.
3. In addition to (a) and (b) above, a candidate must satisfy the university's requirements for matriculation.

Mode of study:

The programme will run on full-time basis. Students shall be required to conduct their programme through course work and research.

Course Duration:

The duration of study shall be a minimum of 12 calendar months and a maximum of 48 calendar months for full-time and a minimum of 24 calendar months and a maximum of 72 calendar months

Career opportunities:

Holders of Masters of Education degree in Educational Technology have opportunities in educational institutions, research centres, educational programme design, curriculum implementation etc.

Areas of specialisation:

Students can specialize in the following areas:
    * Instructional Design
    * Education Media Production
    * Instructional Materials Design
    * Computer Assisted Teaching/Learning Packages
    * Instructional Resource Management