M.Ed Curriculum & Instruction

About M.Ed Curriculum & Instruction

The postgraduate programmes in curriculum and instruction are in two components: M.ED and Ph.D in Curriculum and Instruction with specialization subject in bracket. Both programmes of study are registered with the Postgraduate School and have been in operation since the commencement of Postgraduate Programmes in the Department of Education. They are programmes designed to provide intensive study and research activities in curriculum design, development and evaluation as well as in high quality training of high quality staff qualified to train students at the Faculties and Colleges of Education, Polytechnics, School of Basic Studies, Preliminary Studies, etc. The products of these programmes are envisaged as Ministry Officials in charge of Curriculum Development and Inspection of the School Subjects under the administration and supervision of the Ministries of Education in Nigeria. The students so trained should be able to develop curriculum as well as competently teach a major subject of choice at the levels identified above.

Objectives of the Programme:

The M.Ed programmes in Curriculum and Instruction provide intense study and competencies in the design and teaching of specific subjects in the school curriculum. In line with the general aims stated above, the programmes have the following broad based objectives:

1. Training potential researchers and scholars in the field who are prepared for intensive study of and competence in the curriculum design and teaching of a particular school subject.
2. Conceptualizing and acquiring advanced knowledge of the various aspects of a subject in the school curriculum;
3. Identifying and tackling the general and specific problems associated with the curriculum design, development and evaluation in Nigeria;
4. Providing personnel in consonance with the current demands for qualified teachers and researchers in subjects within the school curriculum; and
5. Providing graduate students with advanced level competence in the skills of teaching, curriculum development and evaluation that will be able to take up a leadership role in all educational related institution in Nigeria.

Admission Requirements:

The following shall be eligible to seek admission and registration for the degree of Masters of Education in Educational Curriculum and Instruction :

1. A minimum of a good second-class lower division degree in a school related subject and education.
2. A minimum of a good second-class lower division degree in a school related subject, plus Nigerian Certificate in Education, Postgraduate Diploma in Education or their equivalent.