M.Ed Educational Administration & Planning

About M.Ed Educational Administration & Planning

The M.Ed degree in Educational Administration and Planning is a programme specifically designed for upgrading and enhancing the knowledge base of graduate educational manpower in the specialized discipline of educational administration and planning. It is specifically designed for experienced administrators; particularly those who occupy planning and administrative positions in ministries of education, the schools management boards and the various institutions of learning in Nigeria and abroad. For emphasis this programme is open only to administrators with adequate experience.

Graduates of this programme are expected to accomplish the following as measured by continuous assessment, written examinations, and thesis or project evaluation:

1. Master satisfactorily advanced theories, concepts, methods and principles of educational administration and planning.
2. Write an acceptable thesis or research project on a major problem of policy area in educational problem of policy area in educational administration of educational planning which demonstrates competent knowledge of the problem or policy area and appropriate research methodology.

Admission Requirements:

The following shall be eligible to seek admission and registration for the degree of Masters of Education in Educational Administration and Planning:

1. Candidates who hold B.sc Ed degrees from Ahmadu Bello University.
2. Candidates who hold B.A. or B.sc degrees plus graduate certificate in education; or diploma in education from Ahmadu Bello University.
3. Graduates of other universities who hold degrees and certificates considered by the Faculty Board, Postgraduate School Board and Senate to be equivalent to (1) and (2) above.
4. Ability to pass qualifying examination designed by the educational administration and planning section.
5. Candidates must also meet the requirements of all other relevant general university registrations governing higher degree studies.