Brief History of the Department of Educational Foundation & Curriculum

The department was created on 8th July, 2011 with split of the former education department into four. The former department came into existence in 1968.

The department of educational foundations and curriculum has B.Ed Administration and Planning as undergraduate academic programme. The department has six postgraduate programmes namely, Ph.D and M.Ed Educational Administration and Planning, Ph.D and M.Ed Curriculum and Instruction and Ph.D and M.Ed Instructional Technology.

The department has six (6) non academic staff and a total of thirteen (13) academic staff spread according to sections as follows:

1. Educational Administration and Planning five (5)
2. Curriculum and Instruction three (3)
3. Instructional Technology three (3)
4. Educational Foundation two(2)

The department has academic staff from FCE Zaria, Institute of Education, Find Arts Department and Mass Communication Department that assist in postgraduate programmes.