B.Ed Educational Administration & Planning(LVT)

About B.Ed Educational Administration & Planning(LVT)

Admission Requirements:

A minimum of C grade in Education and any other teaching subject(s) at NCE, in addition to the general ‘O’ level requirement of 5 passes at credit level. These 5 passes must include English Language. In addition prospective candidates need to have at least 3 years relevant post NCE teaching experience.

Structure of the programme:

1. Four contact sessions of 14 weeks per semester (one contact period)
2. One contact session for teaching practice and project. The formal studies are carried out through lectures, group projects and seminar presentation.

Objectives of the Programme:

The programme is established to achieve the following objectives:
1. Master satisfactorily the methods, theories, concepts and principles of Educational Administration and Planning.
2. Know how to apply the basic concepts in educational administration and planning master satisfactorily the methods, theories, concepts.
3. Expose students to elementary statistics for educational planning.

Philosophy of the Programme:

The programme is designed to give the students necessary knowledge of Educational Administration and Planning. To provide students with a comprehensive knowledge of the principles and practices of Educational Administration and Planning in Nigeria.